Schimmler Logistics GmbH - Kap Horn Strasse 10a - 28237 Bremen - GERMANY
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Central Office
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Company History

Started with horse and wagon

Shortly after the war ended on 1945/06/05 the haulage business by horse and wagon was founded by Ludwig Schimmler. Despite great difficulties in obtaining food there were up to six horses in his possession.

Appointed to "official railroad carrier"
1947 Acquisition of the first truck with 1.5 t

1948 Substantial increase in business size after the currency reform
1957 Lease the first operating ground at "Kalmsweg"
1964 Purchase of land and approval for the long haul
1970 Takeover activity in the clearance forwarding
1980 Foundation of Schimmler Transport GmbH
1985 Purchase of additional land for office, warehouse and quay on the former AG-Weser-area. Foundation of Schimmler Umschlags- und Speditions GmbH
1987 Cultivation of additional warehouse
1988 Purchase of an adjoining plot of land and construction of a warehouse
1990 Shortly before the reunification of Germany. Foundation of LAE Transport und Speditions GmbH Container-dipping Leipzig-Taucha
1995 Celebration of the 50-year existence of the Schimmler-group
Merger of the companies Schimmler Umschlags- und Speditions GmbH and Schimmler Transport GmbH to Schimmler Logistics GmbH